Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Concourse Pipeline for PCF 2.0 + NSX-T Add-on Tile

Users of Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0 ( renamed from ERT to PAS) and VMware NSX-T Container Plug-in Tile can use the nsx-t-ci-pipeline Concourse pipeline and scripts to bring up a fully configured Ops Mgr 2.0 with PAS and NSX-T. Users can choose to go either with just the base install of PAS or the full install of MySQL, Rabbit MQ and SCS service tiles in addition to the PAS install.

Versions installed:

Pivotal Operations Manager: 2.0.x
Pivotal Application Service (formerly ERT): 2.0.x
NSX-T Container Plug-in Tile: 2.1.x
Spring Cloud Service: 1.5.x
MySQL: 1.10.x
RabbitMQ: 1.11.x

  1. Install and configure NSX-T with T0 Router and T1 Routers along with separate logical switches for Infra, Ert, Services, Dynamic-Services (following the standard PCF NSX Reference arch).  The concourse pipeline does not install or configure NSX-T.
  2. Clone the repo or just create local copy.
  3. Use an existing concourse install or bring up a new concourse instance (scripts available to create one). The concourse install can use github based auth to allow access. Configure the bosh director and cloud configs first to bring up Bosh director followed by configuring the concourse portion and bring up Concourse.
  4. Configure the parameters required for the pipeline (sample params file available in the repo under pipelines/params.sample.yml).
  5. NSX-T Container Plug-in tile is available from VMware site but not yet on network.pivotal.io. Till it becomes directly available for download as a Pivnet resource, download it from other sources (VMware or friendly SE contacts) and upload it to a S3 bucket for reference from the pipeline.
  6. Register and run the pipeline. Edit the pipelines/setup.sh script as needed to edit the concourse endpoint and pipeline, params etc.